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Ministry of Health in GCC
Gulf Health Council inaugurated its new identity

Gulf Health Council inaugurated its new identity by amending the name of the Executive Board to be Gulf Health Council for Cooperation Council States. The Gulf Health Council has launched the  new identity of the council which included changing the logo and amending the name of the council ; in replacement of the old name ( Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for Cooperation Council States )  as well as redesigning and improving the electronic website of the council ( .

Mr. Sulaiman Al Dakheel , the Director General of Gulf Health Council for Cooperation Council States indicated that the launching of this identity came in implementation of resolution issued by  the Health Ministers' Council in the Cooperation Council States in their 80th conference held lately in Riyadh; where they decided to amend the name of the Executive Board for Cooperation Council States .

Mr. Sulaiman expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to their Excellencies the Ministers of Health in the Council States for their continuous support of the Council stating that the upcoming stage will witness accelerated and sustained efforts to give more effect to all activities of the Council in the context of implementation of this plan. He emphasized that this comes in realization of the directions of the Ministers of Health in the Council States.

In this occasion , Gulf Health Council for Cooperation Council States urges all related institutions and organizations to keep up with this new identity endorsed by their Excellencies the Ministers of Health.


The great concern given by the Health Ministers’ Council and its Executive Board to the joint Gulf Health work makes us in front of a great responsibility, which entails that everybody in the work system undertakes full role very seriously putting the interest of the citizen in the Gulf countries above all consideration, where our rulers lay their trust and hopes in us after Allah, Glory to Him.
This great trust, must be a drive for more sustained work to serve our beloved countries and in the meantime, it is a continuous motive for more giving and hard work to continue the march of progress and advancement. We work as soldiers within an organization with the spirit of one team for the sake of achievement of the supreme Gulf targets to realize health welfare to all citizens of the member states.
The most prominent services which indicate the extent of progress and modernization in a certain country are those services which concentrate on sustained health welfare and safety of the people.
The healthy man is the cornerstone of the development and the drive to the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by the Cooperation Council States. We are all requested to play our roles, fulfill the requirements of the constructive Gulf health work and carry out all missions in reach to the wise vision of our rulers – may Allah protect them all – and the directions of the ministers to achieve the mission and objectives of this office whose main concern is the health of the individual and the community.
Let us work together for provision of high quality and modern health services and institute connection with various health caders working in the health sectors, motivate all capacities and support the Gulf caders to undertake their roles and carry their responsibilities in a very transparent and clear way.
Here is the electronic website of the Executive Board which is considered one of the means of direct communication between us in reach of realization of our goal to advance health services and address challenges.

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Website Objectives

- Expansion of access to information about the Executive Board.
- Enhancing the awareness about the role of the Executive Board of the Health Ministers’ Council for Cooperation Council States, and the activities and programs conducted.
- Dissemination of policies, scientific information and special technologies.
- Increasing the efficiency of information production and distribution and minimizing the cost.

The Executive Board will work towards continuous feeding and refreshment of the website with updated information, & regular review with full and renewed support on the part of the member States.
The target of establishment of the website for the Executive Board is to ensure the availability of health information in various fields to a wider sector of researchers and professionals.
We present this site as a means of communication with health staff in the Council States including decision makers, planners, health and medical professionals. Looking forward to their contributions with their views, interventions and suggestions so as to be able to fulfill their needs through this site and making it more useful and reflecting their constructive work.

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